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22 Oct. 2017 to date

Improving user-experience, conversion rates and sales

Today I have once again made something useful (at least I hope it is). I have been a seller of software products for a few years now, and if you have been in my position then you know how stressful the work can be.
I thought of the success of live chat plugins (e.g. Zopim which is very useful for support) and chatbots (e.g. Facebook messenger for reducing support stress). So I brainstormed for ways to improve UX, improve and reduce support but also increase sales.
This is what I came up with (read the full story here).

20 Oct. 2017 to date

Instagram photo generator (fully automated)

For the past few days I have been doing some researching and trying to occupy myself. Like many of us, we sometimes have a hard time making new content for our social profiles (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) I always wanted to have a magic button that would generate my new images to post to Instagram and keep my account active. Give it a try, it's completely free here.

Jan. 2013 - Oct. 2017

PinBot - Pinterest automation tool

PinBot was a project launched in 2013. I built it as a private tool to automate my Pinterest activity and increase my Amazon affiliate revenues (on my eCommerce websites). Quickly thereafter I released a public beta on a forum and the hype was real. A few months later I started selling licenses and kept on developing it. This product was my biggest bread winner (as a student) and paid for all my bills, including a few luxuries here and there. I have developed four versions of PinBot with PinBotAI (v4.0) being the most advanced of all. In Octobter 2017 PinBot was acquired by a marketing agency company from Israel. PinBot's website was relocated to a new location: PinBot.

Jan. 2017 - Oct. 2017

InstaQ - Instagram automation tool

Instagram was a spin-off project from PinBot. Many PinBot customers wanted us to develop an Instagram tool, despite the many existent competitors in that space. In January we started analyzing and developing concepts, because it was a low priority project the beta was released in May. Both the beta and final version of InstaQ were well received and gained quite some commercial success. Just as PinBot, InstaQ was acquired by another marketing agency company from Israel. InstaQ's website was relocated to a new location: InstaQ.

2013 - Oct. 2017

YouTube Calculator - analysis and keyword research

This was one of my very first off-the-shelf commercial products. At some point I was doing YouTube marketing and searching for niches to compete in (affiliate marketing and CPA). Consequently I got tired of doing manual research and I know for a fact that many people in my space had the same experience. That's how YTR was born, it uses YouTube and Google APIs and a simple but powerful algorithm to analyze competitors/keywords and generate new niches/keywords. Likewise YTR has been acquired by the same company as InstaQ. YTR's website was relocated to a new location: YTR.

Jan. 2016 to date

Clicktrait - CRO and A/B testing platform

Clicktrait is a SaaS platform that allows you to easily carry out A/B and MV tests on your website/blog/store. You only need to include a script and then configure it from your account's dashboard. In just a few minutes you have a full A/B campaign setup. The idea of Clicktrait came primarily from the need to develop a new product and increase revenue. Personally I did A/B testing without knowing what A/B testing was in the early days of PinBot, I was rotating logos for my sales page to determine which one is the winner - the results were quite significant and one version won by getting me the most clicks and purchases. I used that experience and transformed it into a SaaS product, but few months later I found out that I couldn't easily compete with the existing competition: Clicktrait.

Sept. 2012 - Jun. 2017

Msc Information Engineering Technology

After five years of hard work and perseverance "the day" finally arrived, I can proudly say I was a student at University Ghent (Belgium). Many times during my academic career I wanted to quit and drop out to focus on business and build software, but I am glad I didn't and just finished the program. The new skills and knowledge I acquired along the way helped me to develop better products, faster.

2012 - 2013

W3Shield - website security solutions

Together with a friend, who currently works at a big IT-security firm, we ran a security service providing pen testing services to small organizations. The usual problems were SQL injections and XSS vulnerabilities which we identified, created reports and helped the clients solve these. There is not much left regarding this venture.

2010 - 2013


2010 marks the year when I started venturing out into the world of (internet) marketing and business. I made my first cash from Fiverr, offering design services for $5 and had quite a few satisfied customers. Next I transitioned to affiliate marketing (Amazon Associates program) and started building eCommerce stores. I have also done quite some freelancing work, such as developing websites and gfx, for various clients (SMEs).




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